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Water Sport In Red Sea

We offer a wide range of water sports activities for all ages and levels of expertise, from kid’s doughnut rides right up to pro mono skiing and wake-boarding. The sea conditions are ideal most of the time right off our well stocked jetty at the resort. Should we experience a windy morning, the water sports boat will take you two minutes along the coastline to find flat seas and shelter from prevailing winds inside a small bay.

  • Glass Bottom Boats
  • Inflatable rides: Banana boat - Flyer - Chair - Single, double and triple Donuts
  • Wake-boarding - Knee-boarding - Water Skiing - Mono Skiing
  • Canoes/Kayaks - Paddle board
  • SeaSpi (battery powered twin electric motor platform with a glass bottom enabling the driver and the passenger to view the reef and it's fish without stepping foot in the water!)
  • Speedboat and motor yacht cruises
  • Parasailing: single - double - triple rides
  • ETC.



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Travelling to Sharm El-sheikh with family and kids? Here are things to do that you should not miss out to plan a perfect family vacation to Sharm El-sheikh. This bunch of family & kids activities in Sharm El-sheikh will make your family trip a memorable one! Explore family and kids friendly attractions, places to visit and things to do with family in Sharm El-sheikh. The best and easiest way to explore Sharm El-sheikh with family is just a click away. Know the top activities that can entertain and educate your kids on a family vacation to Sharm El-sheikh. These things to do in a Sharm El-sheikh are handpicked to suit the need and budget of you and your family. If you are looking for activities and things do with family on a spring break or summer vacation, you have come to the right place. Explore the museums, parks and other activities in Sharm El-sheikh and you’ll come back for more! Get back to things to do in Sharm El-sheikh for the list of all activities & attractions.
Let's explore the best things to do in Sharm El-sheikh with kids and family:

Kids Diving

PADI has tailor-made its courses to adapt to all ages to safely teach and entertain all age groups. For more information on the activities below, please check the PADI website: www.padi.com

  • Bubblemaker
  • Junior Scuba Diver
  • Junior Open Water Diver
  • Junior Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Junior Rescue Diver

Kids Snorkelling
Younger guests get days of fun and education from snorkelling. We offer a personalized supervised program where our team of instructors teaches children of all ages the skills and expertise required to enjoy the wonders of the Red Sea in a safe and fun manner.

Kids Water Sports

No explanation is needed to express the fun children get from our wide range of inflatable rides and water sports. Needless to say, we run special trips for them providing a guide and teaching where necessary. Water sports are fully supervised at all times and handled in a safe but exhilarating manner. For our really young guests, parental or guardian supervision is required as a safety measure.

Aqua Park for kids

Looking for a place where you would be able to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating stay experience while on your visit to Egypt? Showcasing a spa centre and an outdoor pool, Aqua Park consists of a terrace, a playground and an excellent water park. Each room at the resort is very well-maintained, is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV, private bathrooms and much more. You can enjoy meals at the restaurant while there’s Wi-Fi throughout the property. The location is peaceful while the slides and all the other play structures are excellent. The service is efficient and with all the fantastic amenities, you are sure to relish a comfortable stay at Aqua Park.

Dolphina Park for Kids

You know how sometimes you go into a candy shop and there’s a kid crying because he wants everything and is too confused to choose? You can see the same thing at the zoo sometimes. Well, this isn’t a zoo or marine park. It dolphins only, and for every visitor here, that’s more than enough. Steven, Stacey, Maria and Mizo are four adorable, smart and mischievous dolphins that are trained to play with you to your heart’s content. They’re a circus act full of tricks. First you’re treated to a wonderful choreographed show where the foursome will even paint for you; then you can head into the water for a supervised swim with the stars; you can take the dolphins for a 15 minute dive; and most immersive of all, you can sign up for a Trainer for A Day Program!



f you don’t fancy diving, want to get more comfortable in the water first, or aren’t allowed to dive then you can still join in the fun! Our boat often visits the shallow calm bays around RED SEA, SHARM EL-SHEIKH which means you can still enjoy the tropical reef and its inhabitants.

At Aqua Fun Diving we believe that it’s important to look after everyone in the water, so our snorkeling is a guided only experience. This is great if you are not so comfortable in the water but also good if you want to improve your skills and techniques and have a guide to show you the best spots and find the fish. We will have one of our dive professionals accompany you and, where required, teach you too. This will make sure that even if it’s your first time snorkeling you will have a safe and comfortable experience.

While snorkeling, you can hire one of our cameras to capture what you see and show your friends.

As a non diver there are still courses you can take too. If you want to attain a first aid certificate then the Emergency First Response course is perfect. If you want to learn about the environment in which you are snorkeling and its challenges consider the Project AWARE Specialist course.